American Turners - A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

About American Turners

The American Turners have a long, proud history. The list of Turner accomplishments. and the Turners who made them happen, is long. Their contributions since before the Civil War to the present helped make this country great.

Officers and Committe Chairs of the American Turners



National President David Liptak
1st Vice President Dennis Zeller
2nd Vice President Joy Bodine
National Administrative Assistant Kate Payne
Treasurer Dennis Zeller
Health & Phys Ed Chair Michelle Lesperance
Bowling Chair Craig Sniezek
Cultural Chair Sue Knisley

Scholarship Chair Giles Hoyt
Historian Giles Hoyt
Turner Topics Editor Craig Sniezek
Documents Coordinator Joy Bodine
Endowment Trust President Thomas R Bozonelos
Jahn Fund President Frank Wedl