American Turners - A Sound Mind in a Sound Body



Welcome to American Turners - Founded 1848

The American Turners is a national organization founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1848 by German immigrants. Our motto, "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body", explains the purpose of the American Turners. We are a family organization, encouraging people of all ages to be mentally and physically active.

Our 50 Societies, located in 11 Districts throughout the United States, participate in athletic and cultural activities. Many have gymnasiums and teach gymnastics and other sports to people of all ages. We have yearly national competitions in gymnastics, golf, bowling, softball, volleyball, and cultural activities. In addition there are regional events in other sports.

The National Turnfest is the longest running festival in the United States and happens every four years.  Turnfest is most commonly compared to the Olympics with many events for our members to participate in, including gymnastics, golf, volleyball, pickleball, track and field, swimming, cultural events and much more!  Come be part of the Turner Family Fun today!


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Upcoming Events


  • 2020 National Convention Aug 7-9 in Louisville, KY
  • 2020 National Council Meeting Aug 9 in Louisville, KY
  • 2020 National Jr. Bowling Feb 15-Mar 15, bowled locally
  • 2020 National Bowling ONE WEEKEND ONLY! May 2-3 in Syracuse, NY
  • 2020 National Softball June 27-28 in Covington, KY
  • 2020 National Golf July 8-10 in Aurora, IL



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